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Vexma H.T. s.r.l. | 12/06/2024
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VEXMA srl: Engineering, food machinery and technical assistance




To anticipate the market's new needs in advance with efficiency and economy: this has been the guiding behind VEXMA H.T. Srl for more than 10 years. Working on international markets and being constantly in touch with its changing needs VEXMA H.T. offers one of the widest ranges of complete packaging processing-lines and industrial productions of many different foodstuff

Fornitures for bakery and cake shop

The section INTERIORS  of VEXMA GROUP  can supply fornitures for bakeries and cake shops
We have different line of fornitures: cheap and  luxury style; we would please to get in touch with you to design and study toghether the best solutions of INTERIORS.